The Feast of St. Thomas More Ended Half an Hour Ago…

…but I’m gonna post this from the Patron of Lawyers anyway: “But truly I will give counsel to every good friend of mine that unless he be put in such a position as to punish an evil man in his charge by reason of his office, he should leave the desire of punishing to God and to such other folk who are so grounded in charity and so fast cleaved to God that no secretly malicious or cruel affection can creep in and undermine them under the cloak of a just and a virtuous zeal. But let us that are no better than men of a mean sort ever pray for such merciful amendment in other folk as our own conscience shows us that we have need of in ourselves.”


  1. NewMexicoNurse says

    Just wondering after a day or so of noting this post – could the reason this quotation has no comments be that it preaches restraint when your readers want thunder and righteous indignation? Just wondering…MJH

  2. Matthew, NMN,

    …or it could just be that readers are simply taking the wise words of the sainted doctor of law to heart.

    He preaches restraint.

    We practice restraint.



    p.s. NMN: Those aren't undertones of thunder and r.i. in your post, are they? You should read what St. Thomas More has to say about such things… (Just ribbing ya!)

  3. NewMexicoNurse says

    Brother JOB, I apologize for not noticing that someone else had replied to this post.
    I find your reply wonderfully rhetorical in the Jesuitical tradition – meaning no offense by comparing you favorably to such silver tongued pagan, Commie enemies of the Church.
    No, brother, you did not detect indignation in my post since I am constitutionally incapable of wild eyes belief in philosophical systems that give me pain when SOME PEOPLE DON'T GET IT. I blame it on Sicilian blood and all of the Devil inspired rock music I listened to growing up. MJH

    P.S Did you get a load of the foolishness on the front page of TAC's newsletter? "An outpouring of grace follows death…" Christianity tells me that such events are planned by a God who has our good in mind. Fine. But aren't bad things bad by nature?? Shouldn't the line have been, "Good man dies and that just sucks"? And by the way, what great outpouring – a bunch of fellow travelers say they miss him. Proof for God's love in that? Even pagans celebrate their dead! No matter what happens the believer sees their side winning. If you say it works, I believe you, but, come on.

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