"Head to Trader Joe’s and buy anything made or grown in Israel. I hear the Israeli couscous goes well with grilled scapegoat, by the way."


  1. Anonymous says

    They'll have to do more than stop settlement building, they'll have to dismantle the settlements already there. Is Obama proposing that?

  2. Jonathan Webb says

    Israel obtained the West Bank after winning a war, a war which started after it was attacked. It's the only nation on earth we're having this type of discussion about.

    Incidentally, did anyone see the video of the French supermarket where protester stole every item off the shelf made in Israel?

  3. swissmiss says

    A new Trader Joe's just crash landed into a neighborhood near me last week. There were a hundred other places vacant in the city where it could've gone, but the store and the city council decided it would be a great location at an already busy neighborhood intersection with scarce parking.

    However, I didn't know they even had products from Israel there. Will have to stop by this week and check it out…if I can find parking that is 🙂

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