For Self-Examination

Not only in his youth, but throughout his entire life, Kierkegaard was very buttoned up with respect to his sexual proclivities. Unlike Hans Christian Anderson, Kierkegaard would never have dreamed of burdening posterity with journal entries about sore testicles, nor would he ever have marked his calendar with an X for every day he masturbated. Even less would Kierkegaard have imitated Strindberg, who would carefully measure his erect member with a ruler and then consult his physician about whether his six and one-quarter inches was above or below average. The closest we get to these delicate subjects is a journal entry from 1843 in which Kierkegaard confessed that the only person with whom he “had ever had a lewd conversation” was a seventy-four-year-old “captain from the China trade,” who was a regular at Mini’s cafe…

p. 105, Soren Kierkegaard: A Biography by Joakim Garff


  1. Rufus McCain says

    OK, I think this might be the most amazing picture/post combo you've ever come up with, Quin. You've put together some great ones in the past, but this … is just … astonishing.

  2. Anonymous says

    There is the journal entry where Kierkegaard wonders if he fathered a child with one of the prostitutes he slept with

    It's true, look it up

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