Why are you here?

When you could be here, watching The Hunt for Gollum (trailer above)? “Created by fans of JRR Tolkein, this is an unofficial short film set in Middle Earth which depicts events leading up to The Fellowship of the Ring…”


  1. Why do I get the feeling that when they say “by fans for fans” that they’re talking about fans of the movies, not the books?

    This has the blurry feeling of a photocopy of a photocopy. Viggo Mortensen was never manly enough to play Aragorn, and now we get a guy even more thinly chiseled — dare I say, delicate — in the face, and so medium-sized. Tolkien must have mentioned Aragorn’s tallness 15 times. (Sean Bean should have played him in the P. Jackson version. Any old dude could have played Boromir.)

    Gollum’s voice in the tunnel should be saying we will find YOU, precious, not THE precious. When he’s Gollum and talks to himself, he refers to the precious in the second person. Only when he’s Smeagol does he use the third person. I’m not a subtle man. If I can pick up on these nuances, so should the people making these movies. Otherwise, the movies descend — as I contend Jackson’s did — into bland sword-and-sandals action thrillers.

  2. cubeland mystic says


    This is one of the most important posts Matthew has made.

    I agree with your analysis here, but why is this important?

    As I understand Tolkien wanted just this thing to occur. He envisioned extensions to his story based on the LOTR mythology.

    I don’t care for this work, but I admire the love, time, and money that these people put into it.

    My question is where is the Catholic response? The internet makes global distribution possible. Where in the internet is the culture of life being promoted? Is there a viral video where Gandalf has hope for Gollum’s salvation instead this Gandalf packs him off to hell? See my point. We can criticize them, but we have no response.

    I would not be so quick to criticize these people for what they have done. They used their resources and did a good job based on their understanding of the books. We have a deeper understanding yet we have no extension to offer.

    This is important post because there is nothing stopping Catholic artists from doing this on their own. You have a means to distribute content to the entire world, but I seldom see it. I hope I am making sense. If there are Catholics doing this I’d like to know about it.

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