Trader Joe’s had a sale.

Margarita season comes early this year.


  1. Matthew,

    I definitely see the sequitur between the Holmes trailer and the trail of Sauza…

    But I have to admit the “beneath this pillow lies the key to my release…” closer left me in stitches.

    Could it just possibly be that the witty dialogue will do for the 19th century action film (This HAS actually become a genre – I’m thinking of such partial birth successes as the League of Extraordinary Whatevers, Around the World in 80 Special Effects, and Silly, Silly West) what Die Hard did for the 20th century action film?

    But yes, in honor of Doyle’s memory, I should like to break open an incredible number of bottles of something as well.

    Although, you know, heroin – or at least crack in a calabash – would have been more appropriate…

    And where the #$%@! is the deerslayer!

    I’m all for fresh approaches – but you might as well make Othello a hirsute Norwegian or dress Achilles in a tutu – or change Natty Bumpo’s name to Nathaniel Poe (oh, wait, they did do that…) – but dang-nabbit and tarnation some things have got to signify! – and with Sherlock its an absolute must!


  2. Thanks, JOB. After viewing the trailer, I was rendered too speechless with dismay to come up with anything suitably withering.

    But then, I guess I fall into the “discriminating” moviegoer category, so the fact that I’ve read every single Holmes story means exactly bupkus to the perpetrators of this travesty.

    When do the margaritas start flowing?

  3. Matthew Lickona says

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