Look. If I can forgive Andrew McNabb for writing a story like “The Architecture of Things” before I did, then you can skip over to Catholic Radio International and listen to The Wisconsin Poet read the thing on Cover to Cover. And while you’re there, you can listen to the man himself chat with ol’ JOB (and again with CRI head man Jeff Gardner on The Heart of the Matter), as he addresses some of the hullaballoo over in the comments box at Inside Catholic over his story story collection The Body of This. And if by then you still haven’t broken down and ordered a copy, then you can tune back in to Cover to Cover tonight and listen to Yours Truly bloviate over and around the insightful points made by JOB and Dappled Things Editor in Chief Katy Carl. Hoo!


  1. cubeland mystic says

    Boy that JOB has a nice voice.

    Also, you have a nice speaking voice too.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Why thank you, sir. JOB does sound lovely.

  3. cubeland mystic says

    Not too heap more burdens on you, but you guys might consider putting together a weekly podcast on great literature. I can think of one program that was picked up by Ave Maria that started as a podcast.

  4. JOB,

    A kind of Click and Clack of the liteary world?



    p.s. Thanks for the kind words about the voice – but I insist it’s all my producer Jeff Gardner’s doing!

  5. cubeland mystic says

    Seriously, I think you consider it. A 25 minute weekly podcast. Really drill down on what is going on one theme in the story. For example there is a passage in Mariette in Ecstasy where I believe she is nude sitting in front of her mirror, and offers her physical beauty to the Lord.

    I don’t remember the details right off the top of my head, but I recall that there is a lot going on in that passage. Perhaps the initial consideration that the character is a bit disordered, but is she? To whom would a 17 year old girl be offering her beauty today? You get the point . . .

    I know a tiny bit about radio, and it seems to me that content is really the big problem, if you can dial into the EWTN, Ave Maria, CRI format you might earn yourselves some airtime. EWTN costs a lot. It costs nothing for them to play your MP3. If it is good the lack of cost alone will motivate them to play it. There is a podcast called Light of the East which I think is on Ave Maria, and then Rosary Army bunch has moved into more traditional Catholic media too. If you take it seriously I think you can find an audience.

    One more technical thing, I bettcha if you use skype the quality will be excellent. So there is no distance challenge for the quality.

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