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Grand Theft Dante

I found this by way of Rufus’s “Tweets” located at the bottom of the Korrektiv sidebar. I’m posting it here for a couple of reasons: (1) to show Rufus that I really do follow his twittering, and (2) to help other readers of this blog – and perhaps even other writers on this blog – keep up with the now increasingly rapid and ridiculous proliferation of technology. And it’s also pretty damn interesting – I had thoughts along these lines myself while getting my ass kicked by my nephew in Grand Theft Auto.

T S Eliot wrote of Dante that “there seems really nothing to do but point to him and be silent”. How very wrong T S Eliot was. In perhaps the most bizarre literary cameo since Geoffrey Chaucer was shown singing along to Queen tunes in the 2001 film A Knight’s Tale, Florence’s most famous son will soon be crashing into your living room as the growling, cross-wielding hero of his very own video game. Yes, in 2010, as the frankly mad-looking trailer for Dante’s Inferno has it, you too will be able to “Go to Hell”.

Anyone expecting a faithful interactive representation of the Commedia’s sorrow and pity will be somewhat taken aback. Made by the developers of last year’s outer-space zombie shooter Dead Space, the game recasts Dante as a muscle-bound anti-hero, carving his way through the Nine Circles with a scythe and a cross to liberate his girlfriend from Lucifer.

In a side note, I now have a number of new projects going on. One is a boring old venture into old-fashioned book publishing.

Two others are ideas for a couple of technologies that will help people “communicate” with each other so much better. The first of these is a networking group called “MyFace”, in which you can post pictures of yourself and keep in touch with all your long lost friends from junior high – especially the ones you did everything you could to avoid at the time. The other is called “Fiddle”, which utilizes a much more streamlined method of posting. It’s just a page – no pictures to speak of – with a list of one or two sentences on what you find interesting right now. You can then follow the posts of others as well. In order to discourage anybody from wasting each other’s time, there will be a 25 word limit. Posts will preferably be about new technology, and how great life is because of it.

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