From the YouTube Music Video Archives: Gillian Welch

Quin’s latest dip into the archives knocked my socks off, I must say. A nice little sidebar to the apocalyptic liturgy of late. “John the Revelator” also made me think of Gillian Welch‘s song, “Revelator,” so I went on a little YouTube trip of my own. I found Gillian’s revelator and looked up the lyrics to confirm no apparent connection to John … and yet … surely there must be an intentional echo, nicht wahr? Or some common text or … something. Anyway, I gave that a listen, and was impressed by the stern, beautiful stoicism. Not entirely sure what to make of it beyond that, though. Flashback to hearing a Gillian Welch song for the first time in a coffeehouse somewhere and being taken with it, but then being disappointed with when I bought the Revelator CD and not really listening to it much. OK, scroll down the YouTube list of related clips. What’s this: Gillian Welch and David Rawlings performing a cover of Dylan’s “Queen Jane Approximately.” Who is this David Rawlings who seems to (another nod to a recent Quin post) hold his guitar like it is an extension of his phallus? I wonder if he named his guitar Alice. He plays it with the complete opposite of malice. A pretty great cover. So of course I couldn’t resist going over to the sidebar and selecting Dylan himself performing the same in 1998–and not at all badly. Pretty damn fabulously in fact. But: back on task: Gillian … and well, David Rawlings would seem to be her nearly constant on-stage companion, playing an odd-looking violin-like guitar (even while referencing St. Augustine) in that phallus-gyrating fashion and some damn sweet bluegrass licks and offering up harmonies to match the lovely, stern, downhome Gillian as if we might be with them and Jesus in paradise at any moment. Yeah, time’s a revelator, but I wanna sing that rock and roll. Oh!

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