Because, you know, Catholic Artists.

Daniel Mitsui, aka Mr. Medieval, is offering prints of what he considers his finest work to date* (see above) for $135.

Now, just in case that seems dear, here’s an additional impetus. From Mitsui’s blog: “My son, Benedict Amadeus Mitsui, is now more than a week old…Michelle started to have regular contractions on the afternoon of Sunday, May 3rd. Her labor lasted seventy-two hours, the first sixty unmedicated. After a final three hours of hard pushing, the doctors declared that the baby was showing signs of distress, and that a caesarian section was the only remaining option. Thusly our son was born, just after 4 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, May 6th…It is likely, even with insurance my wife and I have, that the hospital bills for so difficult a delivery will destroy us financially. The one asset that I can hope to convert to money is artwork – and I have a lot of it. In the coming weeks, I will be posting several notices of sales on my existing artwork. If you have contacted me in the past about buying a drawing, only to find it too expensive, please contact me again. All prices are open to negotiation.”

Think of it as an NPR fundraiser without all the tedious puffery. “For your donation of just $135, you receive this top-notch modern religious illustration – AND you help to support quality Catholic artists.”

*Account of imagery here.


  1. Anonymous says

    and of course, babies being born! I am interested-what size are the prints? I’ll go check it out. mcm

  2. Anonymous says

    ps. I did not mean that comment as opposed to babies not being born-just simply, it’s nice to support the birth of a baby and get artwork too…mcm

  3. I love his stuff. The homeschooling possibilities make it all worth it.

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