Your Argument is Invalid.


  1. AnotherCoward says

    One wonders what the debate concerned.

  2. cubeland mystic says

    This photo will be invaluable during the teen years and into the early twenties. A twitter play in honor of the photo.

    Sixteen years hence …

    MOM: Cubelandia can you please take out the trash, and when you’re done move your father’s ashes onto the mantle above the fireplace?

    Cubelandia: Mom, I’m talking on the phone. Tell D2 to do it. I moved dad last week.

    MOM: I couldn’t talk on the phone back when I was keeping you alive from my body! (Flashes breast feeding picture.)

    Overwhelmed by guilt, Cubelandia takes out trash and then moves urn.

  3. That would be the argument “ad mammarum”…

  4. Matthew Lickona says

    This is why I came back to Blogger from Tumblr. My comments folk are far better than I am.

  5. All babies are pro-life.

  6. “ad mammarum”
    …must write that one down…

  7. notrelatedtoted says

    Still waiting for:

    “I gave birth to your children. Your argument is invalid.”

    “You just bring home the paycheck. Your argument is invalid.”

    “You work outside the home. Your argument is invalid.”

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