From The YouTube Music Video Archives: Challengers by The New Pornographers

Neko Case has a new solo album out called Middle Cyclone, which is awfully good. I can’t, however, find any new videos online besides some scratchy cell phone stuff from Bumpershoot this last summer. And are any of the new songs as good as this one, by The New Pornographers? Maybe, but I don’t think it could be better. This video from last year is a Pleasantville rip-off, but with Neko drinking a rasberry milkshake or something, and that’s pretty nice.

And if this isn’t strange enough, try watching Myriad Harbour. And if you’re not acquainted with Neko Case, let this be your introduction. Or this.


  1. almostgotit says


    I’d rather read your novel. What’s it doing these days, anyway?

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Funny you should ask – and thanks for asking. With no agent or publisher in sight, I’m now seriously considering a vanity press, or Print-On-Demand, or whatever it’s called. I’ve poked around BookSurge a little, but if you have any suggestions (or warnings or prohibitions), I’m all ears.

    I’ve started on a second novel (NOT a sequel!), and am making some progress with it.

    Regarding the music vid, I hope you’re just referring to the NP, and maybe even this video (which is certainly ’80s hokey).

    I would think you’d like Neko Case on her own, if only because she’s a little bit country, and you’re in the general vicinity of Nashville (I think). Her Patsy Cline voice sends shivers up my spine, and the songs on the new album are awesome. Please give “Middle Cyclone” a listen!

    Any my apologies for being such a bad blogging friend. I’m teaching again … “too many irons in the fire”, as my dad used to say. What the hell does that mean, anyway?

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