What Are We, Christians?

Someone asked if you could add something instead of give something up for lent. How about adding children?

I’m not sure I would rush out and buy this book, but the review itself makes some good points. These two paragraphs particularly ring true for me:

Children give us a chance to see the world through fresh eyes. We rediscover the delight of a winter snowfall, spring blossoms, the wonder of a bulldozer and a ballerina.

But children also bring us happiness in a way our culture no longer understands. The ancient concept of happiness, which Aristotle termed eudaimonia , meant “an activity of the soul expressing virtue.” Having children is an opportunity for us to learn selflessness, to serve others, and sometimes to see our sinfulness on display in a way that makes us want to change.

“Sinfulness on display”! Yes, just about every single day. And all that good stuff, too.


  1. At least you now realise Lent has started.

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