Middle-Aged Actors Agree: "It’s Time to Unbutton That Second Button."


  1. notrelatedtoted says

    With any luck, chest hair will become cool again.

  2. did i ever mention that bill paxtons daughter goes to school with my oldest son? ;-))) he sat next to me once at school function ( don’t think he had his shirt unbuttoned, can’t remember). anyway, i tried to be cool, but then my 3 year stunk up the whole room with his diaper and i had to make a very very NOT inconspicuous exit from my sons class room with very stinky diaper kid, followed by clinging to mom with all his strength 5 year old kindergartener kid, and finally, last but not least, not to be left alone in her brothers class room without mom, 7 year old daughter third grader kid. it wasn’t embarrassing AT ALL.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says


    The event you describe is a sign. Your three year old will be a prophet of the most high. I have foreseen it.

    Matthew, These pictures are why I wear filthy rags. Mystic’s three T sport coat rule is in effect, Tie, Turtle, or Tee. The whole sport coat dress shirt open collar thing says “I want to sell you a car.”

    Filthy rags are going to be the next cool thing. You mark my words. If you want to start the trend, post that icon of me I sent you from Hawaii if you still have it. That will bring sexy back.

  4. All,

    I’ve been wearing my father’s military-green GI wool sweater (the kind with the nylon shoulder patches for decorations and insignia) since a week before Holloween. I take it off for sleep (nightly) and bathing (less so…). Mostly I wear it with other layers beneath (although these last – tshirts, sweat shirts, old dress shirts, etc. – what CM would rightly call righteously filthy rags – changed weekly.) I find the slow decay of flax, cotton and synthetics against my frigidly chafed skin provides that extra needed layer of warmth… with just enough mortification left over for the next world.

    Thomas speaks of the virtue of unity to argue for the monarchy. I have assumed a monarchical system of fashion, unlike the no-doubt neutered males in these open-shirted pictures. When you have only one viable sweater to wear against God’s awful Wisconsin weather, you really see the folly of fashion’s duplicitous factions – especially in the stark relief of true midwestern manhood.

    By the way, it occurs to me that GAP and other franchises gunning for the manly men tried to hijack the low concept of the Army-Navy store, but they never really succeeded, I think. GAP et al will go through its permutations, but the true A-N store will always be the authentic au courant for men in these dangerous times…


  5. Sheesh, I’m old enough to remember when these men were good-looking. Stay classy, guys.

  6. Yes, JOB, Wisconsin winters may be harsh. But that brisk reality puts a natural damper on rampant lounge-lizardism. And that is a definite blessing!

  7. “Jowls — the new sexy body part.”

  8. Bleah. What ever happened to undershirts?

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