File Under: Preparing Your Kids For The Future

Dude’s name is Minimum Wage.

Product description: “Minimum Wage gets the job done! See that apron? Told ya! Wage is hard working and super smarty, just like you. Hired, fired, never come back… Wage has heard it all, and doesn’t need to know what any of it means. Why? Hmm yeah. But Wage does know that come pay day, it’s time for cookies, snacks and plain ole chillin’ with Ice-Bat, his best buddy Babo…and you, the human!”


  1. We have Minimum Wage!
    Cute as he is, I decided it would be impolitic to borrow him for a desk decoration at work. I could foresee finding him replaced with a new doll called Just Be Glad You Have a Job.

  2. We have “The Ugly Doll” from this line…says the card for that gentleman,

    “Cinko is an uglydoll of the deep. Keep him away from the water though…he can’t swim! He is very shy and quiet, but has a funny sense of humor. He likes to waddle around and stick his tongue at everything and everyone. Because this is not polite for people to do, he makes the perfect pal! Instead of sticking your tongue out at folks, just hold up Cinko and let his funny face do the talking for you.”

    Seriously, a friend gave this to my daughter at birth. Wow.

  3. I really should suggest to my ‘sewing talented’ daughter that she make me a personalized Ugly for my birthday. “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” would be a good name.

  4. I think its priced incorrectly. Shouldn’t it be $8.00.

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