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Facebook Updates, Sept-Nov 2008

Rufus McCain is watching the veep debate streamed live on BBC with lively live commentary by wry British folks.
Rufus McCain is pondering the fate of the nation.
Rufus McCain is feeling a twinge of autumnal angst.
Rufus McCain needs caffeine.
Rufus McCain is going to Home Depot to procure a toilet.
Rufus McCain is taking a shower.
Rufus McCain saw a giant skunk while walking the dog tonight.
Rufus McCain is reveling in the wonder of his pathetic little existence.
Rufus McCain is watching the debate out of the corner of his eye on while assisting college students with their research needs.
Rufus McCain is staring blankly into space.
Rufus McCain is high on life.
Rufus McCain is proud of Mrs. McCain for having the guts to start her own photography business and is hoping she makes scads of money.
Rufus McCain’s backyard pumpkin plant has one anemic, canteloupe-sized pumpkin that looks like it’s about to give up the ghost.
Rufus McCain just cracked open a beer and is waiting in joyful hope for the pizza to arrive.
Rufus McCain whipped up some pear pancakes and hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.
Rufus McCain hears the call of the lawn mower.
Rufus McCain is trying not to catch a cold that is trying to sneak up on him.
Rufus McCain has a deadline.
Rufus McCain is procrastinating.
Rufus McCain may need to seek help for facebook addiction.
Rufus McCain has an idea for a Star Wars remake starring Linus as Luke, Lucy as Princess Lea, Charlie Brown as Han Solo and the Great Pumpkin as Darth Vader.
Rufus McCain doesn’t understand why some of you never update your status.
Rufus McCain is about to go to bed, sleep for three hours, get up, drive to the airport, and fly to Milan.
Rufus McCain is at an Internet kiosk at the London airport.
Rufus McCain woke up in Tuscany this morning.
Rufus McCain is driving twice the speed limit on the Autostrada. Which is what one does on the Autostrada.
Rufus McCain is trying to get home. Daughter Joan-of-Arc has a double ear infection and a stomach bug and the grandfolks need relief.
Rufus McCain is about to get on a flight from Milan to JFK … to Seattle … to Spokane.
Rufus McCain got home after 24 hours of travel and is now going to sleep for another 24 hours.
Rufus McCain took a pisolino on the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. One of the best pisalinos he’s ever taken. Mrs. McCain said he was snoring. That was a few days ago.
Rufus McCain just got barfed on by his sick daughter.
Rufus McCain is grateful that no one in his household has puked in over twelve hours now.
Rufus McCain is glad daughter Joan-of-Arc is feeling better.
Rufus McCain was in Italy and now he’s not.
Rufus McCain gave the dog a bath after the dog wrestled with the mildewed rug (from the vomitous towel plugging the wash basin wh flooded) & became mildew-scented himself.
Rufus McCain is confronted with a lovely sunrise outside his office window and thinking, “Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.”
Rufus McCain is chagrined that daughter Tink is sick now.
Rufus McCain wants to go to sleep now.
Rufus McCain is lying in a sunny patch on the floor in Joan’s room.
Rufus McCain is waiting for Joan’s lucky penny to pass.
Rufus McCain carved pumpkins with Tink last night.
Rufus McCain is wearing an ape mask that scares small children.
Rufus McCain just joined NaNoWriMo, pledging to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. Let’s see … 2000 words per day … with 5 days off … hmm….
Rufus McCain is roasting pumpkin seeds.
Rufus McCain is eating roasted pumpkin seeds.
Rufus McCain is taking Joan on a nap ride.
Rufus McCain, after too-closely scrutinizing a half a dozen poopy diapers over the past couple of days, was relieved to find Joan’s lucky penny this afternoon.
Rufus McCain is watching John McCain on Saturday Night Live.
Rufus McCain is turning back the clock and isn’t happy about the darkness that will descend an hour earlier tomorrow.
Rufus McCain is eating ice ceam while the children aren’t looking.
Rufus McCain is scanning through his friends’ status updates, looking for opportunities to heckle and cajole.
Rufus McCain is taking a turn reading a chapter of Alice in Wonderland.
Rufus McCain, after a desperate search of the house for his missing mail-in ballot, voted.
Rufus McCain is counting syllables.
Rufus McCain is putting in an evening shift performing what was, in a more genteel era, referred to as Bibliographic Instruction — for an English comp class.
Rufus McCain is instigating instant insanity.
Rufus McCain is implying impish and impertinent improbabilities.
Rufus McCain is searching for the mot juste.
Rufus McCain is going to the airport to pick up his mother-in-law and niece who are coming to visit for a few days.
Rufus McCain has doffed his electric sleepsuit and donned his proton-cushioned work boots and telescopic spy goggles.
Rufus McCain is eating leftovers.
Rufus McCain is doing the I-need-to-pee dance while assisting undergraduates at the reference desk.
Rufus McCain is watching Iron Man.
Rufus McCain is flipping a coin to decide whether to eat a burger or spaghetti.
Rufus McCain would like to be sedated … nothing to do, no where to go-wo … he wants to be sedated.
Rufus McCain is steam cleaning all the rugs in the house.
Rufus McCain is trying to fit a Mac into a PC shaped hole.
Rufus McCain isn’t really Rufus McCain.
Rufus McCain has sinusitus-related insomnia.
Rufus McCain is breathing.
Rufus McCain took the girls to Mobius while Mrs. McCain hosted a baby shower …. even though he’s sicker than a dog. (Why “sicker than a dog”? Most dogs I know are quite well.)
Rufus McCain is drinking plenty of liquids.
Rufus McCain just watched a Korean movie called 3-Iron while convelescing at home for the day. A curious, dream-like movie with very little dialogue.
Rufus McCain is watching Dora the Explorer.
Rufus McCain is breathing out of one nostril.
Rufus McCain is sitting in an uncomfortable chair.
Rufus McCain is propagating knowledge.
Rufus McCain is wondering if that 2-week-old lottery ticket in his wallet is a winner.
Rufus McCain is calling it a day.


  1. Very good read, this one better, I think than the other; both could probably be improved, but a good idea.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    Thank you Lady Gadfly!

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