Sonnet Written on the Back of an Oregon Shakespeare Festival Gift Certificate

As part of this year’s Christmas gift exchange,
I wrote this sonnet, Gabrielle, for you,
To tell you that the Bard will rearrange
Your thoughts and fiddle with your point of view.
So you must travel down the road to find
A place to make your travels culminate
In roadtrips of the wheels that turn your mind
And help your heart refuse to hesitate.
The road unravels from your winding heart,
Removes removers from your half-blind eyes,
As if to clear the way to make a start
And take you safely through the land of lies.
.. These lines will burn and leave a trail of ash
.. For you to follow to your Ashland bash.


  1. I’ve always thought you write very good verse.

  2. Rufus McCain says


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