One reason I’ve had so little to post lately is that I’m busy with school; the other is that I’ve spent my reading time finding everything I can by Mark Steyn, who has just completed the greatest literary takedown I have ever read. In a riposte appearing on his website today, The Shagged Sheep, he makes mincemeat out of a number of critics who have called into question his journalistic abilities, never mind his integrity. One of these critics, professor of journalism John Miller, actually applied this last summer to appear before a Human Rights Tribunal to argue in favor of censoring the actual journalist. He picked the wrong journalist:

If I were celebrated toilet photographer Warren Kinsella or leading Canadian Internet Nazi Lucy Warman, I’d sue. But I’m not. Nor, despite a flying visit to the Falklands and a couple of wet weekends in Wales, have I ever been attracted to sheep-shagging. But I imagine it feels a bit like dealing with Messrs Miller, Murphy and the Law R Cool kids: No matter how often you roger them senseless, they keep on bleating.

If that little excerpt seems excessive, read the entire article. Actually, you should read the article no matter what you think, for this is no small matter. If freedom of speech is something we really believe in, we should all be a little more concerned with how easily it might be lost.

Mark Steyn is easily the best writer going right now, in any genre. His style, filled with puns, double entendres, and what I think is a too little noticed generosity of spirit, is astonishing. Day in, day out, he defies some verbal law of gravity by which the rest of us seem bound; I haven’t had this much fun reading since I went through all the Wodehouse I could find a few years back. He’s that good.


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