I saw a movie!


  1. I liked this piece.

    Especially the cell mitosis part…I remember having to recite “The Prayer of St. Francis” in French the day after my first break up. DRAMA!

    I’m about to start the books before seeing the film.

    I also liked Stewart in Into the WIld—apparently, Emile Hirsch had a lot to do with her getting the Twilight role.

    And this guy Pattinson looks delicious.

  2. j. christian says

    I didn’t know anything about Twilight until my wife explained it to me this week. My first reaction? “When is Lickona going to write about this? This is totally in his wheelhouse.”

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Thanks much, Lindsay. And I’m touched, J. Christian. Hope I didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t do my scattershot best, because I had to try for something approaching a coherent review, but I don’t think it’s a total disappointment…

  4. cubeland mystic says

    good review. Tried to post over there but failed twice. It is too technical for me.

    Perhaps everyone should post over there to keep Matthew’s numbers up.

  5. Speaking of vampire movies, there is a sleeper in theaters right now that is quite wonderful – Let the Right One In. Tried to drag mcm to see it, but vampires combined with subtitles did the film in for her. This film would make an interesting counter-point to Twilight.

  6. Matthew Lickona says

    Oh, you bet it would, anon. I dunno if the Overlords at IC will let me, but I’ll look into it.

  7. Well, even if IC wont allow it, you should check out the film (assuming its playing anywhere near you). The pacing of the film is wonderful, not many american films have such patience.

  8. Joseph Susanka says

    Have you had a chance to read Greydanus’ THOUGHTS?

    Since I still have not seen the film myself, I have yet to form any of my own opinions. It has certainly generated a significant amount of interesting social and artistic commentary, though.

  9. Matthew Lickona says

    Thanks for passing that along. Greydanus is a smart guy, but my first reaction to his piece is, “most metaphors will break down if you push them hard enough – they’re metaphors, not mirror images. The idea of an abstinent vampire is indeed problematic in light of the complementarity of the sexes and the possibility of chaste, wholesome romantic/erotic love. But Twilight features TEENAGERS, and for teenage boys (I will limit myself to my own experience and not opine about girls), the desire can feel very much like the destructive, all-powerful thirst that Edward suffers. Percy touches on this in Lancelot, in rather blunt fashion. Just my first reaction.
    It’d be fun to do a critics’ roundtable vidcast with the dude, though.

  10. Joseph Susanka says

    Thanks, Matt.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head in identifying why I wasn’t quite convinced by Steven’s piece my first time through, either. (Well, it was probably a combination of the “metaphoes breakd down” and the fact that I still don’t quite know what either of you are talking about. But that’s never stopped me from forming strong opinions before…)

    I would really like to see this “critics’ roundtable vidcast” with the two of you happen, though. I wonder what might be done to facilitate that. Any ideas?

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