This is All Saints’ Day

Holy Innocent (ha!), Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, Nicholas, and the Immaculate Heart


  1. Absolutely precious.

    (If I had it to do over again, I would have followed our similar ‘aftermaths’ with a suggestion that someone would be St. Apollonia. A big pliers could easily make a costume as fun as Joan of Arc’s!)

  2. Gorgeous. But where is Second Son?

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Gone to his rest in the hope of rising again.

  4. cubeland Mystic says

    Took the kids out on Friday. Two teenage girls that live on the next block decided to go as Playboy Bunnies. Let’s see, some sort of spandex tube tops, skin tight bikini bottoms with bunny tails, bunny ears, and f-me pumps. That’s all they wore. Their teenage boyfriends went with them. I should say they had the bodies for it. I think when they are not playing ho’s, they are just shy of legal. So the show was quite real. I think their efforts were more about making a point than getting candy. Like any red blooded American male the first thing I thought of was you Matt.

    It was actually quite embarrassing. They looked more foolish than sexy, and behaved more childish than adult. Herds of little kids and these fools moving door to door. It is sad because I think they wanted to trick or treat because they are still kids mentally, but realized they couldn’t because they are adults physically. So the compromise, of course, was to get their slut on to justify their desires to still be little girls. They still want to play with dolls, but the message they are getting is that they are toys to be played with.

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    The Wife, after seeing the older trick-or-treaters this year: “The women become sluts, and the men become ghouls. Sluts and ghouls – great.”

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