No shadow no stars
no moon no cars
it only believes
in a pile of dead leaves
and a moon
that’s the color of bone

No prayers for November
to linger longer
stick your spoon in the wall
we’ll slaughter them all

November has tied me
to an old dead tree
get word to April
to rescue me
November’s cold chain

Made of wet boots and rain
and shiny black ravens
on chimney smoke lanes
November seems odd
you’re my firing squad

With my hair slicked back
with carrion shellac
with the blood from a pheasant
and the bone from a hare
tied to the branches
of a roebuck stag
left to wave in the timber
like a buck shot flag

Go away you rainsnout
go away blow your brains out


  1. notrelatedtoted says

    You know, this isn’t very compelling considering it’s being posted from Southern Cal.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Are you kidding? It rained today. Tomorrow’s papers will be full of suicides.

  3. notrelatedtoted says

    Ha,ha! I think we had this same conversation last year.

  4. notrelatedtoted says

    And is there no Godsbody love for GnR? C’mon Lickona – get back in touch with your Courtland roots…

  5. FOCA

  6. foca


  7. j. christian says

    Tell me about it, JOB. I’m about ready to go Cubeland Mystic on the world. Is there some kind of initiation rite behind it, CM?

  8. Cubeland Mystic says

    j. christian the main answer is prayer. If you assess that this is a spiritual problem, then that is your answer.

    My opinion is that the loss of faith is leading to the rise of materialism. The way to cope with it is deep prayer. MCM writes beautifully on the subject of Our Lady and the rosary. She should comment.

    Constant awareness of the mystery is a way to combat materialism. What tools do you have? Rosary, Jesus Prayer, Chaplet, divine liturgy, literature, film, music, fasting, EWTN podcasts, sacramentals etc. ABP (Always Be Praying).

    It is possible to be in a state of constant prayer when you direct the context that way. For example, work can be prayer.

    I’ve mentioned this before. I do really sleep with my rosary wrapped around my hand. I can pray if I wake up. I keeps my focus on God.

    My wife teaches at a school dominated by faithful Catholics. The kids are telling her that they are scared because of the election. That means the parents are projecting fear. Remember that JPII encountered the twin materialist horrors of Nazism and Communism. My understanding is that he coped through mystical prayer.

    In our country I am not comfortable with either party. They both have big problems. I have big republican pals who in the past 8 years I’ve never heard them say anything socially conservative. They’re brooding right now over cap gains. Thats politics as faith. So both teams are flawed.

    What I am getting at is we walk a different path. The more at odds we are with the culture the aware we are of the God’s presence in the world. This election when discussing the partial birth ban vote by O, his defenders were flat out using language like “if the baby survives the abortion there were existing laws to provide life saving care.” or some such. These people are now cool with saying the work “baby” as the recipient of an abortion. I guess an unguarded moment.

    I hope I did not confuse. It’s kind of late and I have to retire. God bless.

  9. Just briefly, I have noticed substantial differences in my life since we began this group rosary. The TV is now off most of the week. No video games, most of the week, (only Fridays and Saturdays), we (the kids and I) are reading more-my oldest son reads out loud to the family, we are talking more, playing in the dirt more, riding bikes more. It’s something like the guy with the porn addiction must have felt. I have been trying to do this for the last couple of years, but my husband works ALOT and hence I turned to the tv ALOT. Suddenly, I just don’t need it. I think Mary really wants to help in the cultural war. I don’t think she is the only way, but why not turn to someone who seems so ready to help fight
    it? mcm

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