Noted without comment.

Except maybe for this: it’s remarkable to see a comedienne tackling abortion, and somewhere, E. Michael Jones is smiling.*

And then there was this, via Gawker:

“Assuming she was bloated, Sarah didn’t notice she was pregnant until about 8 months into the ordeal. She begged her doctor to abort the baby by writing ‘Please?’ on a piece of paper, but in the end she was forced to create a new life. At the end of the episode, Sarah gives birth to a stop-animation thing.”

Good morning!

*For the record, I think Jones overreaches in his essay on Alien as contraceptive nightmare, but he does make some, even many astute observations. It certainly isn’t ridiculous to wonder if the man who painted this (H.R. Giger, who famously designed the Alien) doesn’t have some issues with condoms/babies:


  1. Matthew,

    C’mon, you can’t be trashin’ my man Jones without a little back-up.

    As we used to say at TAC, “show me the text…!”


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Fair enough, JOB. But it will have to wait. Swamped today. Worth taking up in its own post, however…

  3. j. christian says

    The Jones book sounds intriguing. I’d love to see a separate post about it.

  4. me i’d just love to see this blog be all fedups all the time.

    THEN gbody goes live

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