My Brilliant Readership…

…should surely be able to come to the aid of one of their fellows, who writes:

“There ought to be a name for those occasional cases when one comes across something (a word, a memory, etc.) either hitherto unknown, or at least long forgotten, and then soon after one hears the word or experience used or referred to independently of one’s recent reflections.”

Have at it, smart people.


  1. Serendipitous? No, not quite.

    Deja vu? No…

    Coincidence? No, but “strange coincidence” or “freaky coincidence” works.


  2. linguistic convergence?


  3. vocabrecog?

  4. j. christian says

    Oh, that? That goes by various names:

    – nomoddity (back formation)
    – epilexijection (if you’re into the whole Latin and Greek root thing)
    – griggle (if you’re more into the Old English and Middle High German origins of words).

  5. hi matthew
    I think the word you’re looking for might be Synchronicity. Carl Jung wrote extensively about it
    Love your blog (and book!)

  6. brain reflux?

  7. Deja flu. It’s rampant among French pre-schoolers.

  8. Matthew,

    Here’s mine:

    Asymptotic ejaculation

    Or alternatively,

    Asynchronic intellection


    Asymetric preconception




    *Just Dumb Luck

  9. Matthew Lickona says

    A star fall
    A phone call
    It joins all

    Thanks, David – and thanks for the kind word!

    And thanks to you all, smart people.

  10. I think Malcolm Gladwell has a book in the works on this phenomenon. It’s called “The Pinball Effect”. It has, at once, a rather dampening effect on the ego, but lets us realize we are all connected by a central kitchen of cultural jingles.

    For my money, I’d take the T.S. Eliot treatment of it over Jung’s.

  11. Steve Nicoloso says

    Ya know, recently, for the first time in a long time (if ever), I was just thinking that there should be such a word.

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