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The Election Trains


  1. These are just getting meaner and meaner.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    It is mean. I like Palin, but I thought this was pretty funny.

  3. Quin Finnegan says

    Well… you just need the full explanation:

    Obama would take us on the bullet train to socialism.

    Biden’s Amtrak demands more of your tax dollars every couple of years.

    McCain’s coal-burning locomotive is an earlier version of an alternative fuel that could actually makes sense.

    Palin’s derailed toy train is – pace Gibson, Couric, et al. – more indicative of her critics’ reaction to a woman who thinks for herself and yet does not agree with them.

  4. Rufus McCain says

    I thought the toy train could also be a symbol of family values and the love of children.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up guys. Now it is a lot less mean. Just goes to show that Semiotics is all in the interpretation.

    Which reminds me of the wonderful homily that Fr. Don had with the kids from the school today. He was trying to get them into a deep discussion of symbols, but they weren’t very deep. It was very funny, and endearing.

  6. almostgotit says

    Very funny!

    Ix-Nay on the Oal-Cay, though, ye stubborn Republicans…. Over at this end of the country they’re whacking the tops off whole mountains now, which are some of the oldest (and most biodiverse) geographic formations in the world, ones that we’ll never get back.

    The unbelievably fragile (I’m talking 3rd world poor) human communities in the Appalachian mountains are destroyed by the mountain top removal, too… Their land and property value is destroyed, their drinking water is poisoned by runoff, and they don’t even get jobs in this new kind of coal-harvesting industry, which replaces human miners with big machinery and explosives.

    With the forests and grass lands removed, along with all the life-supporting top soil, the mountains look like lunar wasteland… you should see the panoramic photos. They can’t be “restored” or even replanted. Wildlife can’t survive there either, and the water table is destroyed too (this in a time of severe drought throughout the South.

    All for very poor-quality coal that will only heat us for a few months.

    One of the strongest groups trying to save our mountains is actually Christian, if that matters to anyone reading this. There’s a new collaboration taking place in the Church which is often called “Creation Care” (= Christian stewardship)

    Alternative Energy Sources, Baby — ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES.

  7. ‘the bullet train to socialism’? – hasn’t George Bush just taken you there anyway?

    (how on earth did I get on this site?)

  8. Quin Finnegan says


    That’s a good point, what with the prescription drug plan and whatnot, but I think Bush was at least dragging his feet a little. I would expect President Obama to accelerate the process.

    I don’t know; how did you get on this site?

  9. Quin Finnegan says


    That’s a good point. Thanks for filling me in. What about nukes?

  10. mrangelmeg, the engineer says that we have the tecnnology to have clean safe nuclear energy with no toxic waste. We have had the technology for years but fear has kept us from using it.

  11. No, I meant the $700 billion bailout – socialism for the rich.

    It had to be done. But it’s the end of neoliberalism.

  12. Quin Finnegan says


    That was the “whatnot” – I have a hard time saying the words “$700 Billion Bailout”, as it usually leads to sputtering sobs alternating with incoherent shouts of anger. Bullet train indeed.

    I’m not so sure it was necessary though. Sometimes I see it that way, most of the time I don’t.

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