The World May Never Know by Dr. Dog

If I were writing the Lancelot for this generation, I would include lyrics from this song. In other words, this is, or rather would be, my version of Kristofferson lyrics in a Percy novel. I might even be considered hip to those under 30. Although the fact that I just used the word “hip” without the least bit of irony probably disqualifies me as anyone with any claim to being hip, even by proxy.

Let’s just say it’s a good song.

I can’t remember what is wrong
I’ve been happy now for way too long
and oh, we got a lot more to go
I put a trash can by the road
and filled it up just to lighten my load
but oh, I got no where to go

Someone alone fell asleep by the phone
waiting like a dog for a bone
how can it be that a fish in the sea
could feel like it’s completely alone?
the world may never know

I know it hurt you, ’cause you cried
I know it killed you, but nobody died
and oh, the city ain’t nothin but show
I found a needle in the hay
I found the sunshine at the end of the day
and oh, I found a pearl in the snow

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