The Comedy Gods Come Knocking on Tina Fey’s Door…

…and she is very much at home. I know, I know – this was Yesterday’s News Today yesterday. But I don’t have TV, and I work Sundays, so sue me. (Minor language alert.)

(Thanks to the New Mexico Nurse for the heads-up.)


  1. tina fey is such a rock star…

  2. notrelatedtoted says

    At the outset, she nailed the accent. Sort of lost it as it went on. But still, very funny.

    Really, though, they could have done much better. I mean, how funny would it be if Palin winds up the VP while Hillary(FN1) was there only as the wife of our most philandering President? Did Hilary even have a political career before Bill? Dear God! She almost slept her way to the White House!(FN2) Where are your credentials now, Ms. Clinton?!? (FN3)

    FN1: Note that she dropped the “Rodham” for campaiging purposes. You can take the girl out of Clinton, but….never mind.

    FN2: Albeit she was subsequently outsourced.

    FN3: Carpet-bagging senator from NY notwithstanding, we grant that she did serve in an advisory postion as “First Lady.”

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