Poetry Corner, Wisconsin Salsa Edition

JOB sends word – and pictures:

Salsa Tanka

Tomato’s first blush
Is late August’s garlic crush
On the hot peppers
That dangle down at summer’s
Deficient default: add salt.


  1. Is it bad this makes me want a margarita at 9am?

    JOB, maybe you have a calling as a commercial poet…

  2. The recipe, please!!
    The FatMan

  3. notrelatedtoted says

    Does the ET actually go IN the salsa? If it does, that might warrant its own post.

  4. Lindsay,

    On the contrary, it is GOOD to want a margarita at 9 a.m.


    3 hot peppers to 2 garlic cloves, cast iron roasted
    2 lbs of toms (about 2 cups worth)roasted in oven and peeled
    third cup cilantro
    one fourth large onion

    Blend peppers, garlic and salt into a rough paste
    Add toms – pulse
    Add cilantro and onions – pulse
    Add 9 a.m. margarita or 7 a.m. beer – mix well.

    Mine is a variation on Rick Bayless’ basic recipe: he doesn’t blend the onions and cilantro in, I do. (Although I will add some at the end, too, to give it texture.)


    ET? Oh. My. How did that get there?

    But seriously, I s’pose wine would be a good thing to try in salsa, but I can’t conscience putting perfectly good alcohol into something that will accompany massive amounts of alcohol – you know, the kind you drink when its a Saturday, 3 p.m., virginal sunny blue sky and 70 degrees?

    Of course, this doesn’t mean I won’t cook with alcohol – I just don’t see the point with salsa.

    At any rate, give it a try! I made small vat of it again this past weekend. We’re canning it for the winter months – which apparently are coming sooner than we’d like.


    p.s. Thanks, Matthew!

  5. cubeland Mystic says

    It looks darn good. Do you have any pecan wood in your parts?

    Oak is dandy, but pecan is quicker. I love pecan smoked anything, In the old days, after a nine month fast there was nothing like a beetle grub roasted over pecan wood. A feast fit for a hermit.

    Anyway roast everything, peppers, garlic, and tomatoes over the oak. Then do the mashing. Just a suggestion.

    In addition to Mr. Bayless competent recipe, I’ve grown partial to chipotles and Mexican oregano. Chipotles are smoked Jalapenos, and Mexican oregano may or may not be related to Greek oregano. Your local Walmart may actually carry the products. Chipotles impart a surprisingly smokey and spicy flavor as if one were to take Jalapenos smoke them over hardwood, mash them, and add them to salsa. Mexican Oregano imparts a flavor almost identical to Greek Oregano except it is more like Mexican Oregano.

    Mexican Oregano may be controversial here. My liking developed in youth, typically after a night of drinking and carousing, the deleterious effects of these actions were erased magically by menudo blanco, limon, and a pinch of oregano. I was restored by the elixir, and prepared for a day of back breaking labor. I grew the herb as recently as 5 years ago. It is more bush like and the leaves are less dense than Greek oregano.

    There is some scholarly debate if Mexican Oregano is the same herb Aragorn called “athelas” or “kingsfoil”. But I don’t want to clutter the blog with controversial herblore, It well may be however. Someday I plan to journey to your kingdom, and we can discuss herblore in great detail.

  6. Matthew Lickona says

    It’s a pity Godsbody has only 15 posts left to live. I have a fantastic readership.

  7. Matthew,

    Don’t you dare…

  8. notrelatedtoted says

    What’s this 15 posts nonsense?

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