Onion Writers – Walker Percy fans?

This piece is pretty funny:

“Report: More Television Viewers Becoming Desensitized To Drama”

“‘We found that a majority of viewers who watch a normal amount of television—between 32 and 56 hours a week—were relatively unmoved by such personal traumas as divorce, financial disaster, or the death of a child, compared with their reactions to similar events on television,’ said Dr. Fernando Alonso, whose team conducted the study.”

It’s also straight out of Percy. As Amy once noted:

“Binx lives in a world in which people are so disconnected from authentic existence they feel most real when they see some aspect of their lives reflected on the movie screen — their neighborhood used as a set, for example. Or, as we experience it forty years later, to be ‘certified,’ as Percy put it, by being, ever so fleetingly, on television, or smiling out from your very own web page.”

Or this, from Time‘s review of Lancelot: “He tosses off witty remarks about the vacuities of Hollywood and about the strange things that occur when the film crew sets up in his town: ‘What was nutty was that the movie folk were trafficking in illusions in a real world but the real world thought that its reality could only be found in the illusions.'”


  1. Matthew,

    This one’s a hoot too – linked below the television study. Well, it is for me, anyway, having just finished Tertullian’s triad of treatises on marriage – “To His Wife,” “An Exhortation to Chastity,” and “Monogamy,” which traces the first (and most bombastic) of our Latin Fathers’ trajectory into Montanist madness.

    Could it be that someone at the Onion’s also been reading Tertullian…?

    SANDUSKY, OH—Despite intense unhappiness and an ever-widening emotional rift between them, devout Christian couple Linda and Benjamin Dollinger told reporters Monday that they have decided to stay married for the sake of their only true lord, God. “We’re afraid that if we get a divorce, He’ll never forgive us,” said Benjamin, 37, who admitted that he and Linda had recently started arguing in their car with the radio on so that God wouldn’t hear them. “We try not to let on how bad things actually are, but I think that, at least on some level, He knows something is wrong.” Linda said that she and Benjamin plan to stay committed to their loveless marriage “just until [they] die.”*

    *This last quote, I think, reveals the truly Tertullian twist of the knife.


  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Is there any other name where you can say something like “I think this writer is emulating Tertullian because of his Tertullian twist of the knife”?

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