Korrektiv on Fire

The very fine folks at Korrektiv (Quin Finnegan in particular) have posted a thought experiment that’s as good as anything in Percy’s great psychological exercise. Go, cogitate, contribute.


  1. “This is as good as anything in Lost in the Cosmos. Korrektiv on fire. I’ll be sure to link. Not that anyone reads my blog.”
    – Matthew Lickona at Korrektiv

    Matthew, Matthew, Matthew,

    Am I going to have to get all poetic on your ass? …again? How many times do we have to go through this? How long, O Lord, must we sing this song?

    What’ll it be this time? A roundel, a carol, another sestina? What?

    I don’t know.


    I give up.

    Cubeland, you better take over; I don’t think I’m in complete control of my emotions here.

    Matter of fact, Cubeland, you better… well…. you better just take over.

    I can’t take the rejection. I…just…can’t…take….the REJECTION!

    (Where’s the damn weep-your-life’s-sap-out-style emoticon when you need it (?%32?) ? )!

    Not sure that’s it….


  2. JOB, down boy….

    Matthew, watch it…

    Funny story on Cosmos…

    In college, I walked into class on my birthday to find a fresh copy of Cosmos with a birthday inscription from an admirer in class—

    how’s that for a first impression?!

    Don’t mention it to the husband, though.

    Sore subject.

  3. Matthew Lickona says

    Well played, JOB. But we both know that you’ll soon be decamping for your own little corner of the blogosphere… As I said in the post below, I have a fantastic readership. But we’re a dying breed. Hell, Blogger itself is on its way out. Hello Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I’m a dinosaur, and we know what happened to them…

  4. Quin Finnegan says

    Thanks. Actually, I may need help. I might be getting more than I bargained for.

    JOB, yeah, I think a roundel might do it.

    By the way, CM, last time I checked I wasn’t able to get on to your blog … s there a password or something? Are there stipulations I have to meet?

  5. Matthew, we do know what happened to Dinosaurs…

    they got their own action figures.


    will you have your own blog?

    What’s the dealio?

  6. Lindsay,

    I think Matthew is alluding to the mere inevitability of my ego outgrowing Godsbody. I was thinking of calling my website BeyondGodsBody, but of course, that suggests some sort of contingency on the existence of GodsBody. So I decided I will just call it God.


  7. job,

    so long as “when I search for you I can find you” somewhere on the interweb I am fine with wherever you decide to “be”.

    Please don’t let my search be in vain.

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