Keys to Surviving the Present Financial Crisis

I may not be a professional economist, or even an amateur one, but I know plenty about Depression, towards which everyone and everything seems to indicate we are headed. So I’ve decided to make my own four point plan available to the President, members of Congress, Wall Street tycoons and good taxpayers everywhere. Here it is:

(1) Do your job, whatever that may be.

(2) Eat healthy.

(3) Spend as much time as possible with the people you love.

(4) Get plenty of sleep.

If (1) proves to be a serious problem, your job is to get a job, or a better job.


  1. Rufus McCain says

    This should become a viral email. In fact I’m going to start it circulating right now.

  2. Yes, but for those of us who are members of the proletariat, doing
    (1) means that doing (2) (3) and
    (4) becomes impossible.

    Still, good that the discussion has moved on from pornography.

  3. Quin Finnegan says


    I also like to consider myself a member of the proletariat, and I find myself caught in the same dilemma.

    Maybe I should add an amendment – another “if”:

    If (2), (3) and (4) become impossible, your job is to start a revolution.

    Or get a better job.

    What didn’t you like about the discussion about pornography?

  4. Rufus McCain says

    Nice job on the spelling. Almostgotit is right — each failure is a step towards success.

  5. My earlier comment seems to have disappeared.

    Yes, thanks for job advice.

    I’m not religious and therefore don’t feel I have an alibi for discussing pornography, but perhaps also less of an interest.

  6. Quin Finnegan says


    How does religion provide an alibi for discussing pornography? I’m not sure why you would need an alibi at all.

    If you don’t feel the need, I guess that’s great … but then why did you bring it up?

    Still, if you ever are interested in discussing it, I remember a very good Marxist critique of pornography from school. Unfortunately, I looked around and can’t find it right now.

    I did find this interesting paper by Soble, which might pique your interest.

  7. I brought it up because it’s a nice site, the tone of which is lowered a bit, in my opinion, by discussion of pornography.

    I liked ‘alibi’, but it may not be the right word. I just meant whether being catholic – or baptist, or whatever – didn’t make you feel more comfortable discussing issues the rest of us perhaps wouldn’t touch with a bargepole.

  8. Quin Finnegan says


    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the site, and thanks for the kind words. I actually had the opposite impression, given what I understood to be the tone of your comments and the attention given to religion and especially Catholic matters here.

    As for pornography, I do think it’s a subject worth taking up for any number of reasons. I’m not so sure Korrektiv is especially high-toned to begin with, and I don’t see how the discussion of porn necessarily lowers it. I guess some of the scenes in the novel might (and who’s read those anyway?), but even then I’d like to think it depends on how they’re read.

    I can see there’d be a problem if we were posting pictures or something, but even the picture that went with the post “Raffela’n Off Her Virginity” should be taken in context. And given the widespread pornogrification of culture in evidence everywhere, I rather think discussions and/or satirical treatment of porn is hardly the problem.

    Of course we should practice custodia oculorum – custody of the eyes – as much as possible, but quite frankly that's getting harder and harder to do. I suppose I could rail against Abercrombie & Fitch ads and all the rest, which is certainly worthwhile, but my intent here has been to take a different approach – hopefully to get to the heart of the problem.

    You may be right that religion makes it easier to discuss some subjects, although I haven't exactly noticed Bill Maher, Howard Stern, or many other non-religious public personae shying away from discussions of porn. There is of course the shamefulness of pornography, but not many people – religious or otherwise – claim that being Catholic or Baptist or whatever somehow reduces shame. Quite the opposite.

    It is certainly easy to condemn pornography from a religious point of view, but that doesn’t mean that other, attendant issues are so easily eliminated; chiefly that of the rightful place of censorship and the simple presence of eros as a factor in all our lives.

    That’s enough bloviating for now, I guess. Thanks for reading.

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