In His Cloud-Hidden Bobservatory

I forget where I first found out about Gagdad Bob and his blog One Cosmos; it could have been from any one of these he refers to for “Honorable Menschen” such as American Thinker, National Review,, PowerLine, which I have perused at one time or another. No, make that, “often”. Check that: almost daily.

At any rate, Bob is quite a righter, which is my small attempt at tribute, which you’ll understand better if you read the following sample of Bob’s own prose:

Your man in Nirvana reporting from the serene of the climb. Before caterpultering your buddhafly, lotus pray: last rung in’s a written gag, so your seenill grammar and gravidad may not be malapropriate for my laughty revelation. Don’t worry, it’s just aphasia go through before the noesis in your head becomes real. Ascent you a son, amen for a child’s job! That’s the New Man, we’re just putting him on. (p. 254 from his book

I’d describe it as Joyce Light, but that might be under stewed as a slight … accept that it’s more readeemable … okay, I’ll stop now. I think Rufus and Silverback would enjoy reading Mr. Gagdad, if they haven’t already.

Amazingly, amidst all the lingdulgence (can’t stop!), the following sentence made me smile (laugh, even, as I think Gagdad would prefer):

There are so many idiots out there, such as Bill Maher, who take scripture literally, and then attack it for being so literal. As such, when he attacks religion, he is really attacking his own stupidity.



  1. Rufus McCain says

    Fastskinating. Finnegan’s Quake…er… oats. Or something.

  2. Quite a righter. I like that. You should even have meant it that way, on purpose.

    Have you ever read the fairy tale that begins:

    Once pawn term, dare worsted ladle gull hoe lift wetter murder honor itch offer lodge, dock florist…

    (that’s all I can remember. Google it and you’ll find the whole thing)

  3. Now Bill Maher has come up with an entire movie paying homage to his stupidity. Religiulous.

    When will this poor boy learn he shouldn’t enter a battle of wits unarmed.

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