I love my Mac. But apparently, my Mac has stopped loving me.

[Written from The Wife’s computer.]


  1. I know.

    We went through this recently.

    We give and we give…

  2. Matthew,

    One bad Apple can ruin the lot.

    My condolences…

    There’s another company out there doing a lot with laptops these days you might consider…

    The Farmer in the Dell

    p.s. I can stop callling myself a homesteader now and officially consider myself a farmer. Or at least a goatherder. Or at least a goatherder of one. I milk goats. Well, one goat. Meredith. She’s a grumpy peach – love to hate her and all that. She’s got two daughters, too. And they’re just psycho. But I love them anyway, too.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says

    Eat a peach, milk an apple.

    Apple is the official computing platform for the kingdom of heaven. I think the Leopard OS was described in Revelations. There’s debate among scholars.

    Windoze is the official operating system of purgatory, and elsewhere. All the cells have gateways running Widnoze for workgroups. Most of purgatory is spent trying to get it to work properly or on the phone with Microsoft support.

    He-who-cannot-be-named has a brand new HP workbook running the current release Windoze Vista. He’s an early adopter.

    Ya know, Shakespeare got the name for Macbeth from his MacBook Pro, “Elizabeth”. Lord Byron was a big Windoze fan, look what happen to him.

    Redundant goats are good for “high availability”, but try to work your way over to Apple.

    Did you know that I actually work with goats too at my job?

  4. CM,

    Hold your horses – and your goats.

    I didn’t mean to step on any cloven hooves here. I was really using the opportunity for a really bad play on words.

    You’re no doubt right about Apple; having used them in my past life as a staff writer with even basic graphic needs (that is needs in computer graphics, not needs that are graphic…) I’ll be the first to jump on the Applecart.

    And believe me, you call it Windoze Vista – I call it Winblown Fistula. I hate this new OS. Hate! Hate! Hate!

    So there you are.

    As for opening up the Windblows Fistula platform to the public, I think any hope of unloosening the buttons on MS probably crashed with Estridge in 85. (If he could do it for Big Blue, who knows? A great nerd-tekky What If novel in the making there, maybe?)



  5. Cubeland Mystic says

    I feel your hate. Good, good let it wash over you.

    Is Estridge the guy who got IBM to run windows, and made it the business computing platform? I’ve heard the story.

    A couple years ago I actually started writing the notes for a novel based on high tech work. That’s the setting. It is really about the soul numbing effects of modern society. It will be mystical and fantastical, unlike high tech work.

    I am fascinated by the human ability to accept an imposed reality. The dictatorial arbitrariness of it all. Being the Cubeland Mystic I see it, point it out, and then endure the Dementors for having a lack of vision.

    My main character would shift from the artificial reality to reality.

  6. Nerd alert, CM and JOB. And I type that on my elderly eMac.

    JOB, Does this mean I can purchase goat milk from you? Do you wear a special hat while you milk the goat, like the Amish do?

  7. Matthew Lickona says

    Lindsay, JOB,

    If you go visit the Hollywood Farmer (link in my blogroll), you can see video of goat milking. I think my brother is up to six now. Good times!

  8. Matthew, Lindsay,

    I’ve already seen bro’s vid – and was partially inspired by it to take on the goats from my inlaws.

    Great stuff.

    Lovely animals in their own cranky, goatish way….

    As for the milk, since it is illegal to buy raw milk I can’t sell it to you but I could tell you that were you to seek purchse of said contraband, you’d have to buy it with the understanding that you never saw me, you didn’t know me, and that somehow the milk magically appeared in your children’s breakfast cereal…

    But if I ever get my cheese up and going, I’ll be sure to send some your way…


  9. HeeHee…

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