Well, now…

“NFP is the same: It’s the worst possible method, except for all the others.”

The comments are, of course, the point here…


  1. mrsdarwin says

    Pretty awesome.

    Another person not to talk to: one’s acquaintance who habits the NFP discussion boards with the fervor of an addict, who fills gaps in conversation with detailed accounts about the cycles and love lives of people one has never met…

    I like the single girl’s response: “Oh yeah? Well, at least you get to have sex sometimes! Stop whining!” Perhaps, but back before I was married I didn’t spend my nights in bed with someone with whom I could morally have sex. And believe it or not, that makes it harder to abstain. Just sayin’.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    The spectrum of asshole husbands lurking in the background, though not surprising, was what impressed me. (1) The husband who got a vasectomy against his wife’s wishes; (2) The husband of “mother of 18”; (3) The unhinged father of a fighter pilot who threatened his wife to “send the next one to Mother Theresa.”

  3. Good article. Point taken and affirmed and realized by any serious NFP practitioner. I’ll try to remember to be more realistic when describing life of blessed NFP mojo.

    Sometimes the rah-rahs don’t always talk about the hard parts. Just like advocates of the pill don’t talk about breast cancer, vascular complications, weight gain, mood changes, and the other cool stuff that goes along with shagging when you want without consequence.

    So, not having sex sometimes is hard. Big deal. That’s only because we treat sex as an absolute right of individual self-expression. Like free speech or the right to assembly. But, it ain’t. Just ask anyone in a truly Christian marriage that has had to deal with medical celibacy. For better or worse. Richer or poorer. Fertile or not. Potent or not.

    It changes your perspective to go into married sexual exile at no one’s fault but natures.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that if you can’t abstain for 2 weeks without serious emotional consequences, you either haven’t learned to pray, or you haven’t experienced real exhaustion and you need to get a real job that forces you to work so hard you’re asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

    Then again, I know I’m talking to a bunch of frustrated writers. So you’re probably just going to drink more instead. =)

  4. That is an excellent point. I don’t use NFP, never have, never will. That is a discussion I won’t have here, I know. However, my spouse and I have have gone through emotionally trying times, where it just wasn’t happening. But that, too, is another story. The point is, there is much, much more to marriage than sex.

  5. Sleep rather than sin. Words to live by.

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