Jonah Goldberg on Krusty-Os, Lambada, and Psephology

The Democrats are having their flop-sweat moment. Barack Obama should be way out in front. The Republicans are in terrible shape. There hasn’t been a more battered brand name since Bart Simpson swallowed a jagged metal “O” from his box of Krusty-O’s cereal. The GOP has nominated an old white-haired dude, in Paris Hilton’s words, who makes Dick Cheney look like a lambada champion. He’ll be the kind of president who will yell from the Oval Office window, “You kids get off my lawn!” The economy isn’t roadkill quite yet; it’s sort of like wounded roadkill, flopping around, unable to get going but unwilling to lay down and die.

I’ve always thought Goldberg was one of the funniest writers around. After reading the opening salvo from his latest column, I’m convinced of it.

Something else though: I think he’s vying for some kind of Buckley Award for usage and vocabulary that sends readers to the dictionary: Later in the column we get psephologist, which tells me is “a sociologist who studies election trends.”

What about lambada? I think a video best demonstrates this:

Now imagine Dick Cheney as a champion.

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