Sheer Tedium

Against the admonishments of my confessor, I’m prone to staying up at ungodly hours. When I should be snoozing soundly alongside the snoozing loveliness of my wife, I instead find myself roaming the blogosphere and gawking at the spectacle of the likes of this and this.

Darwin Catholic, commenting at Catholic and Enjoying It! hits the nail on the head:

Evil is probably the right word.

And the sheer tedium of trying to read through Myers’ post and his interminable chorus of yes-man commenters underscores the incredible banality of evil.

And here it is past midnight and I’ve been wading through this crap again. And still haven’t made good on the promise of some commentary on Exiles. And where is brother-blogger Quin and his AWOL novel?


  1. angelmeg says

    I plan to join with those who are going to make reparations during August for his despicable act.

    I wish to treat him with the respect and defference he doesn’t offer us. I will pray for the conversion of his soul and that God will have mercy on him.

    To confront him would be pointless.I

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