Inside Catholic Book Club, Day Four

One more time.


  1. Good stuff today…I am skimming anything too detailed, as I AM STILL NOT DONE. 4th day’s the charm.

    So far, I seem to be way more into the sisters’ story than the poet’s.

  2. Lindsay,

    I think that’s natural. It’s the more fictional (read: delightful) of the two aspects of the novel.

    Funny. By Hanson’s own admission, we know less about the sisters, and therefore, more about them in the novel….


  3. Rufus McCain says

    Sorry I haven’t finished the book and jumped into the discussion either. Got started too late and had too much going on at home this week. Maybe the Korrektiv Summer Reading Klub will pick up a few slackers that you guys leave in the dust this week.

    I agree (I’m into ch. 4 now) the nuns’ tale is what makes the book live. In an odd way, I think it retroactively redeems what might be lacking in the first chapter. And I like the neat way ch. 3 segues from the tales of the nuns’ various discoveries of vocation to that of Hopkins.

    Anyway I haven’t followed the discussion closely over there–because I keep wanting to finish the book– but I will say I think the “worms” image is just fine. I actually think it’s not too far from something that could have flowed from Hopkins’ pen, partly due to the sound of it and how it fits with the sound of other words in that sentence.

  4. Rufus McCain says

    Looking at the image you’ve used for this post, Matthew, I’m suddenly struck by how much you and Hop resemble each other. The sardonic half-lidded gaze and the cleft chin. You could be brothers across time.

  5. Rufus,

    Good points. Get the darn thing read so you can help us with continuity issues. It seems you’ve drawn a tentative bead…

    By the way, you mayn’t know the man – others who visit here do, but I think Hopkins has an uncanny resemblance to a young Sean Kelsey.



  6. JOB,

    The style reminds me more of “Hitler’s Niece” than “Atticus,” the only two books of his I have read.

    Maybe it’s that histroical fiction thing going on.

    Has me thinking of a film version…

    5 actresses for the nuns…GO!

  7. Lindsay…

    Let’s see…

    Whoopi Goldberg and…

    Just kidding!

    Let me think on that one.

    I would think that Tilda Swain and Kate Blanchett would have to make it into the mix (Sister Henrica and Sister Barbara, p’raps…?)

    But who Hopkins – a young Sean Penn? Ah, but he’s not so young anymore. Perhaps James McAvoy -? He’s already in danger of overexposure anyway.

    Jude Law as Bridges? More overexposure…

    Tom Wilkinson as Rector Jones.

    Some ancient Brit actor – is Peter O’Toole still around? – to do Newman.


  8. Rufus McCain says

    Obviously: Casey Affleck as Hopkins. (He’ll have to work on the Brit accent.)

    Hugh Laurie as Rev. James Jones.

    Let’s get some genuine German actresses for the nuns:

    Alexandra Maria Lara as Sr. Henrica.

    Anna Maria Mühe as Sr. Aurea.

    Claudia Michelsen as Sr. Barbara.

    Franziska Petri as Sr. Brigitta.

    Inga Birkenfeld as Sr. Norberta.

    And let’s have the nun story actually scripted in German, with English subtitles.

  9. Rufus McCain says

    Directed by Wim Wenders.

  10. Rufus,

    Heck Yeah on the German subtitles.

    JOB, I think I like Tom Wilkinson for Jones.

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