Andy Warhol on TV, December 1975:

“Television is so important to my life I watch two color sets at the same time, doubling my pleasure, always in bed, usually while I’m talking on the phone to somebody who’s watching the same thing. Sometimes I switch from color to black and white for a few seconds. That’s very nice. I am never bothered by reruns. During the summer you can watch whatever you didn’t watch during the winter and tell yourself you’re watching something new. I like really old reruns because the people stay young forever. On the other hand, it’s fascinating to study people getting old on up-to-the-minute TV. I have watched Barbara Walters get older, and, do you know, she has another crow’s-foot. I’ve been counting.

I mainly watch the major networks, as well as the movies on the local stations. I hate PBS because it is too intellectual and gets me depressed. PBS tries to make you feel guilty for watching their stations without paying. I would rather have someone trying to sell me something than someone trying to make me feel obligated. Moreover, commercials are pick-me-ups; programming becomes too intense if there aren’t enough commercials in between. Whenever I watch a show ‘without commercial interruption’ I get itchy…

The Catherine Deneuve ad for Chanel [is] one of the best ads I’ve ever seen, and it shows that if you really spend the money and get the right celebrity, you get your money’s worth…Catherine Deneuve really makes you want to be Catherine Deneuve, and if you have to eat blueberries and wear Chanel No. 5 to do it, fine.”

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