Oh, how timely! Here we have a movie out about Hunter S. Thompson, and here I have an old Esquire with a letter from the man himself! If the masses read this blog, I’d be relevant. Sort of.

“In the August Esquire (So there I was on TV! Me, Sally Quinn! Oh, my God!), Sally Quinn falsely attributed a statement to me. ‘Hunter once defended his brand of journalism,’ Sally wrote, ‘by saying, “Well, I would say that over forty-five percent of everything I write is true.”‘ I get misquoted a lot and I’d go stark raving mad if I brooded about every little instance, but this one is just a little too heavy to ignore, mainly because I have never said, implied, suggested, or even thought a thing like that. What probably happened – and Sally seems to agree with me on this – is that she picked up some bastardized fourth- or fifth-hand version of an answer I often give to people who ask me how much of my book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is true. For reasons that should be perfectly obvious to anybody who’s read that book, I usually reply with a figure ranging anywhere from sixty to eighty percent. But of the three books I’ve published, I think Hell’s Angels and Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 are at least as verifiably true as anything else ever written on either subject. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, however, is a very different kind of book. It was conceived and written essentially as an experiment, a conscious attempt to mix journalism and fantasy – and this is what causes a lot of people to wonder and occasionally ask just exactly how much is true.

However the confusion arose, I want to emphasize that I have never made any such statement and never would, since it is not true.

Hunter Thompson
Woody Creek, Colo.”

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