Gonna spend some time highlighting this wonderful issue from December of ’75. First, because I still write about wine sometimes, here’s a wine ad where they tried to sell a little-known grape known as California Chardonnay. This was before the famed Paris tasting of ’76, soon to be highlighted onscreen in Bottle Shock, and we were still playing kissy-kissy with the French…

“Not every Chardonnay bears our distinctive French nose. Swirl it in your glass. Sniff. The nose tells you this is Almaden, an authentic Chardonnay with the decidedly French ‘fresh apple’ aroma.

Truly, it is the ultimate in still white wines, for our Pinot Chardonnay originates from the same grape that even now creates the most expensive white wines of France.

A shy, temperamental grape that does poorly in most areas, the proud Pinot Chardonnay matures to glorious perfection on the sunny hillsides within the Almaden region of Northern California. Here it produces a golden fresh wine, a rare joy to be sipped and studied, not merely swallowed.

Almaden Pinot Chardonnay. It bears a lesson one never tires of learning.

Only a fine grape can produce a fine wine. Almaden.”

The best is behind us, no? Forget ads, I can show you wine columns that won’t go that far in suggesting that a wine might benefit from thoughtful attention, so ingrained is the fear of wine snobbery.

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