Dept. of Belated Birthday Gifts: Very funny…

…though it would be funnier if I was, well, actually writing a novel these days. Still, thanks much.


  1. notrelatedtoted says

    That’s ok. We can still have the Godsbody wet t-shirt competition….

  2. One of my daughters gave me the same shirt for Christmas last year. (Maybe it was a hint that I should write fiction and quit naming names. Ha!)

  3. Love it. What a joy to return to the internet and find you modeling.

  4. OK, that tears it. Next time we go with my suggestion and give you a smoking jacket. We’ll see if you can find something clever to say about about quilted satin.

  5. Matthew Lickona says

    The dig was at me! Not you! If I was worth anything, I would be writing a novel…

  6. Sophia,

    It’s a great tee.

  7. And if I were worth an ounce of salt as an editor, I would proof before posting. Man alive! (Glad you like the shirt. I’d still like to see you in a smoking jacket. It would go with your glasses.)

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