Six Quirks (Which are Just the Tip of the Quirkberg)

I’ve officially been “tagged” by a friend of Mrs. McCain: Ashley, from Ash Mash.

The 6 Quirks Meme

The Rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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First of all, I don’t have quirks; I have rational behaviors. Of which the following might be mistaken for quirks:

1. I crack my neck a lot.

2. My mother raised me to place the silverware handle down in the dishwasher. But when I left home, I converted to a handle-up philosophy (albeit mostly in theory, since I rarely ever had access to a dishwasher) and have remained a Handle-Uppian to this day. I’m also a member of the Consolidation order of the Handle Uppians; that is, I consolidate the all the forks together in one compartment, the spoons in another, etc., for easy retrieval when emptying the dishwasher. I’ve been known to rearrange the silverware in the dishwasher when the tenets of Consolidation Handle Uppianism have not been followed.

3. The toilet paper should unroll over the top. Yeah, I’ve been known to turn a roll around if I find one that’s improperly installed. Mrs. McCain just leaves the toilet roll sitting there when one needs to be replaced because, I suspect, she knows I have definite opinion about the proper way but she can’t remember which way it is.

4. I’m not sure what verb to use here, but there’s a nervous thing I do with my big toe and the toe right next to it when I’m lounging barefoot about the house. I sort of rustle or rub or flip or snap or flutter these two toes against each other. Repeatedly. Sometimes one foot in isolation, sometimes both feet together. I guess I’ve done this for years, but I only really became conscious of it last night or the night before when Mrs. McCain casually pointed it out to me.

5. I zealously read horoscopes and fortune cookies and seriously consider how what they say might apply to my life.

6. While driving alone on a long trip, I sometimes amuse myself by repeating the word “lube” over and over until it begins to merge with the word “blue” and vice versa.

I hereby tag: IC, Angelmeg, Quin, Henri, Matthew, and the newly-wed Craig. Throw open the windows and let your quirks shine!


  1. The Ironic Catholic says

    I’ll work on it–but in the meantime, you’re a winner at the poetry contest–

  2. Alright, Rufus, the deed is done.

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