Rome: Tuesday in St. Peter’s

I didn’t bring my camera, so there’s no proof, but after the Scavi tour (!), we took a turn around St. Peter’s. It’s not my favorite basilica, but it’s really, really big. And so, for proportion’s sake, are its statues. What occurred to me: every tribe makes some of its own into giants. But perhaps not always for the same reason. I recall in particular a way-up-there statue of some Foundress. She was massive, but equally massive was the twisted beggar at her feet. Presumably, the order she founded served the poor. She was a giant because she stooped. St. Andrew, above, was a giant because he was willing to die horribly. Of course, every crucifix in every church bears the same significance, but the enormous scale helped break the crust of familiarity.

Yeah, I still need to sit down and actually write this trip out.

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