Yes, Lapso Bill, we get it. You think religion is stupid:

But “Jesus is Just All Right”? Really? “Spirit in the Sky”? For honest and true? Dude, your documentary just applied for a Senior Discount at the Golden Sunset Retirement Film Festival. You couldn’t have maybe chosen something from the scads of newer songs that have tackled the God thing? Hell, NIN’s “Closer” would have been fresher:

My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to God

And if you wanted to keep things Old School – you know, to appeal to your Lapso Boomer pals, the choir to whom you are so charmingly preaching – you could have at least picked something with a little gravitas:

You wanna mock somebody? Mock the Man in Black.


  1. Matthew,

    I was thinking that the lines in Cash’s Swan Song could be taken quite ironically in reference to what Maher is setting himself up as – The Arbiter of the Arbiter, The Man Who Comes Around to argue the Divine away as Falstaff argued away honor…

    Which of course is ridiculous, since we all know that Christopher Hitchens beat him to the punch.

    Poor Bill, always a coattailer, never the coat….

    On the other hand, you gotta hand it to Bill: to expend such energy to debunk religion itself requires a faith which is anything but mundane.

    At the same time, you know, we should give the man a break. Bill’s just working for his supper, here. After all, the world does not want us to take our eyes off itself. Heaven ain’t nuthin’ but a couple minutes in the limelight. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! This is it baby – there ain’t nuthin’ else. For if there was somehting other than this world… well, that would mean that the mundane, as in Maher’s case, would get even lower ratings…


  2. Mark Thomas says

    Very, very well said.

  3. Matthew Lickona says


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