Prince Caspian

Ernie and I go back to Narnia.


  1. AnotherCoward says

    Honestly, in comparing the novel and movie forms of the LotR, I find much more faithfulness than I do in the Narnia movies.

    As a movie franchise, the Narnian movies are fine. When seen in the larger context of their novel counterparts, though, I find they lack a lot of substance that the LotR franchise was able to move from book to movie.

    I think the biggest loss of content is that Lewis is obviously writing a mystery and not just a fantasy – but there’s really not much mystery in the movies. Aslan is a feline manifestation of Tom Bombadil, and I think there is only one movie that remains that has any hope of changing my understanding of their interpretations of the books.

    So, on the whole, boo to Narnian movies. They have one last chance to get money from me in the Tales of the Dawn Treader, but I’m not putting money on it.

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