scene from a short story I will be writing


  1. Anonymous says

    He forced her to iron and wash dishes?? The monster should be hung—a good ending for your short story?

  2. Quin Finnegan says

    Not with a beginning like this:

    All unhappy marriages are alike. They’re unhappy. Happy marriages, on the other hand, are happy according to the unique and sometimes peculiar constellation of events, values, and the diverse forms of exchange binding wife and husband together. The blessed state shared by the missus and myself began when I kidnapped her from The Wild Rose one balmy evening in June and handcuffed her left ankle to the radiator in my studio apartment.

    Over the next three weeks she graduated from the cuffs to a running leash, enabling her to wash dishes as well as iron my socks, not to mention use the bathroom. But not the phone . . .

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