Where Mr. and Mrs. Godsbody Ate Their Dinner Last Night

Here, in anticipation of our 12th anniversary on Saturday. Thanks to the generous hospitality of FOG Karen, who is currently out west working for The Brotherhood.

The sunset did indeed grace our dining – the mountains along the coast fading into various shades of shadowy lavender as the sea and sky began to darken with twilight.

The restaurant was grand as well. The Wife’s pancakes with corn and lobster were probably the highlight for both of us. All the elements were properly done – delicate, velvety pancakes; sweet corn, and oodles of lobster. When you’re working with that kind of classic combination, you just need to step back and let the flavors shine, and they did. My filet was also very good: “Why do we stuff it with crab? Because we can.” And The Wife was happy with her orgy of seafood, er, cioppino – so many samples!

The wine – an ’05 Burgundy – was a good bit higher in acid than I expected, but it seemed to pass muster with the Women. So that was all right.

Before dinner, we met here. It was, I admit, a thrill to see the interior of an actual working television production office – dog food, bulletin boards, and all. (The Scotch and the coffee, at least, fit with my mental image of such places.)

And our hostess was driving one of these. I bugged The Wife to let me buy a Mustang when they came out. She said they were much too muscle-car. By this, I presume she meant they were much too muscle-car for ME. Sigh. Still – great fun to ride around Santa Monica with the top down.

By evening’s end, I won the award for Most Bleary:


  1. I think I ran you a close second for Most Bleary.

    And I’d like to point out that I drive a RENTED one of these. I had one of those, but it lost out to college tuition during the WGA strike.

    Other than that, I remain firmly convinced that you are the best defriefer on the planet.

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Thanks much – and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ernie (Ernesto) says

    You clearly have a passion for food and wine, Matthew.

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