Some of the Better Roman Graffiti We Encountered…

…and there was a lot of it.

No, not the “orgy.” The Lego riot police. I’m getting my kid the ’68 Democratic Convention edition – learning can be fun!


  1. Matthew,

    Be sure you get the deluxe edition – complete with the Lego Eugene McCarthy (with tax and spend accessories)and the Lego George McGovern (with lifelike miniature American flags to burn). I hear its coming out in time for the 2008 Democratic Convention with (BONUS!) the new Lego McHillobama – with interchangeable arms, legs and, most importantly, heads…


  2. We have a LEGO lovers birthday coming soon, so tell me, does this include a little Abby Hoffman and Mayor Daley?
    Maybe an accessory set with Gore Vidal and Wm. F. Buckley? Or should I just stick with the Indiana Jones stuff?

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