I rarely discuss the day job here on the blog, but I’ve already shared this story with FOG Ernesto, and it’s too rich to pass up…

I was at a rather fancy wine event, talking to a perfectly delightful wine rep. At one point, said wine rep dropped the vocal tone into the Earnest range and said to me, “I can sense that you have a passion for food and wine.” It was a sincere compliment, and given as an indication of possible future collaboration. Well and good. But when I related it to The Wife, it had the predictable effect: she hooted with laughter.

I smiled along, but the punchline was a solid two weeks in coming. The Wife, a couple of nights ago: “I can sense that you have a passion for fatty snacks and hard liquor…”

Guilty as charged. It’s the new catchphrase here at Casa Godsbody.


  1. I hate to admit it but I giggled, too.

    Great minds…

  2. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  3. Anonymous says

    I love Mrs. Godsbody

  4. A good wife should be the first line of defense in “keeping it real.”

    Such a good catchphrase!
    As for my home, we’re still trying to get “That’s what she said” out of our collective system. It ain’t goin’ so good…

  5. Matthew,

    “I can sense that you have a passion for self-effacement and volunatary immolation of the ego.”

    A healthy attitude to have, twelve years in…

    Congrats and have a few for me, a couple days late!


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