My Stint as a DJ

Mrs. McCain and I have a radio on a rope in our shower and it’s usually tuned to Spokane’s River 99.9. I also sometimes listen to 99.9 on my way to work or on my way from work or whenever I happen to be in the car. Most of what they play I like (although they also frequently play a new song by Death Cab for Cutie, a song and a band I’ve grown to loathe). Anyway, the station has a feature called Open Waters where you can sign up to guest host your own two-hour radio show. I was looking at the station’s website a couple of months ago and, momentarily forgetting that I am prone to pee-in-your-pants panic attacks and extended episodes of stammering incoherence when called upon to speak publically, I signed up to guest host on Open Waters. I suggested that I would play a lot of Bob Dylan as a corrective to their not playing enough Bob Dylan (which is in fact one glaring deficiency of the station). Strange to say, the nice folks at 99.9 actually accepted my application and scheduled me to do this two-hour Dylan bender–on Dylan’s birthday no less–this Saturday, May 24, 9-11pm. Tune in, listen up!


  1. Regrettably, I don’t think I’ll be able to listen, but I do hope you’ll post your playlist. I’m pondering what my own would be, were I in your shoes. I’d probably be a nervous wreck.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    CNB: I actually went in on Wednesday and recorded the whole show. I was going to post a longer entry about the whole process, but I ran out of steam. I will post more details for sure, but in the meantime here’s what I said to Quin in an email yesterday:

    I feel pretty good about it. Now that I’ve gone through the whole process, there’s a lot I wish I could go back and redo, some lingering disgruntlement about what got cut from the song list and what didn’t, things I was going to say and forgot to, etc. But overall an amazing experience and a relief to be done with it (I was a bundle of nerves for a couple of days). I scrapped your bit of commentary. [I had recorded Quin over the phone] The recording was still pretty bad — probably my radio shack device. But I did get in a plug for your book and said to google “bird’s nest in your hair chapter one.” They’ve been promoting it quite a bit, so I’ve been hearing this weird-sounding dude named Rufus McCain talking about playing a bunch of Dylan stuff. I’m looking forward to kicking back with a Jameson’s and listening to it Saturday night.

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