Morte D’Urban on Catholic Radio International

The Wisconsin Poet introduces and reads from J.F. Powers’ masterpiece, and does a fine job of it. Yes, he mentions me in the intro – I introduced him to this oddly neglected book, just as James McCoy once introduced it to me No, that’s not why I’m blogging it. Our man sounds good.

Oh, and now that he’s no longer reading my own little book, it’s not unseemly for me to say this: spread the word about CRI and Cover to Cover. Add it to your sidebar. Bring the love.


  1. I had trouble on this site…It would not let me past the home page.

    What am I doing wrong?

  2. Matthew Lickona says

    Strange. I’m not having troubles when I go there. I’ll email the Powers that Be.

  3. Cubeland Mystic says


    What browser do you use? Perhaps you’re missing a plug in. Did it give you an error message?


    You have a wonderful voice. Matt has a nice voice too. You both have great radio voices. Have either of you ever considered shifting into full time voice work?

  4. Jeff Gardner says


    Thank you for listening and for the kind words.

    Jeff Gardner
    Catholic Radio International

  5. Ok, life is good.

    It must have been Safari, yesterday, because it worked in both Safari and Firefox this morning.

    JOB, can we say “All Things Considered?” Very nice radio voice…Orson would be proud.

    I played only the intro before being called back to the Strep ward which is my guest room this week. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Great concept, great writing, great, great,great.

  6. All,

    It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: much appreciated for all your encouragement/praise.

    I’m looking forward to more and better.

    CM: I have considered doing more of this stuff, but right now need to get my sea legs. The folks at CRI have been great with this radio-lingo gringo.

    Please stay tuned! And spread the word to one and all. I think we’re going to make something of this.


  7. Cubeland Mystic says

    JOB and Jeff Gardner

    Would you consider really pushing podcasting on the site? I did not see it. I checked ITunes and it was there.

    I am a techie by trade, but I cannot use corporate bandwidth to listen to JOB. But I can listen on my IPod or MP3. There is drive time, lawn mowing time, exercise time, that I could do a podcast. I am willing to hear from your sponsors LifeLock, or Britax or Mystic Monk coffee or Ave Maria University before DURING and after the podcast. The reality is I cannot listen to the spoken word while I work, but drive time mow time heck yeah!

    When I went to your site originally I did not see the usual visual clues to indicate that you were hooked up into Itunes or the other podcast sites. Also, when I subscribed just now on first glance I did not see any of Matt’s stuff or JOB’s current reading. Are there legal reasons for not being able to podcast this content?

    Also have you read/listened to the book The Long Tail?

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