In the Future

I gave up candy bars as a form of solace
I gave up trying to please everyone
I gave up ice cream
I gave up smiling when I don’t feel like smiling
I gave up lies
I gave up violence
I gave up shouting at my kids
I gave up not listening to my wife
I gave up coffee
I gave up TV
I gave up Internet
I gave up insomnia
I gave up staying up late
I gave up overeating
I gave up meat on Fridays
I gave up driving too fast
I gave up sugar
I gave up wanting to be something I’m not
I gave up fear


  1. Cubeland Mystic says

    Detachment my brother.

    Through the long years as you work through your list, the last thing you give up are your children. You trust them to His divine providence. Then you are ready.

    Trust and detach.

    Thus spake the mystic.

  2. Rufus McCain says

    Thanks Cube. It ain’t for nothing that you’re called the Mystic.

  3. The Mystic is right.
    Food for thought.

    I must read it again. Tomorrow.

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